Download Large Files

I have produced a couple maps with large files and I would like to download them for use in AutoCAD. I am trying to download the JPEG but it says the file is too large. I don’t want to increase the pixel size since the purpose of the survey is to document cracks in road pavement that wont show up at a lower quality of photo.

I feel like I must be missing something that would allow me to download the files. Also, I am on a 30 day trial version of Dronedeploy if that matters.


Not sure about the trial… Can you try to download the tiles instead of the full image? I find that this works best in CAD sometimes when you need the full resolution so that it focuses the load on the area you are zoomed into.

Hi Scott @SCJ ,

Have you checked out our support documentation for JPG Exports? I also recommend the Troubleshooting for Exports page. Let me know if either of those help!


You could also crop it to smaller map sections and export each of those if the above does not work.

Th cropping area only applies if you are interested in a very small subset of a large flight. For AutoCAD xref you are going to notice performance issue once you hit an image file size of about 50mb in my experience. Not necessarily the physical size of the image because physical size*resolution=filesize. My machine is running a 7th gen i7 with 32gb of RAM and an invidia quadro m2200 and I hit the wall at about 125mb…

Thanks for the ideas. Unfortunately, I still cant get anything to work.
-I tried setting the tile button on and zooming way in, like way in and still get a message that the file is too large.
-I checked the online support and as far as I can tell I was already following those guidelines before I had trouble the first time.

For me it is a fairly large map, 400 pictures from a 12 MP camera but compared to some thing people are mapping I find it hard to believe it is too large to download the image.

Is there somewhere in Dronedeploy I can look to see what my image file size is?

Hi @SCJ,

Can you share the names of the maps you’re having issues with, as well as the email address associated with your DroneDeploy account? I’d like to escalate this to my team for review.


Does anyone know the maximum size JPEG that can be exported?

I am having trouble exporting a map JPEG. I finally got a portion of the map to export after I cropped it down to a little over 10,000 KB. I would think the program would have the ability to download much larger files than 10,000 KB.

My ultimate goal is to export the 2D image for use in AutoCAD LT. I need native resolution for my project.

Any info on how to determine what the JPEG size is, what the maximum allowable export size is, or how to export the entire file for use in AutoCAD would be great.


Hello @SCJ we exclude exports depending on how big the processing job will take. I would try to use a lower resolution or export in tiles. Thanks!

I have tried to export in tiles and it also says the export is too large. Am I missing something?

I am also interested in knowing how large a file can be exported on Dronedeploy. It would also be very handy to see how large a file is. I can not see anywhere that indicates the file size.

I have exported 200MB+ (200,000KB) Tiff files without any issues. Maybe a plan relative issue? Have you tried the Tiff download and converting to a JPEG outside of DroneDeploy? I often export the Tiff, open it with BlueBeam to convert it to a PDF. You can then optimize the PDF and bring that into CAD?

Great advice @MichaelL !

I would also try a lower resolution. Export size depends on how big the initial images were, the size and pattern of the map and also how much resources is needed to export. With these many factors, its hard to define a size were a map will fail to export. Thanks!