Hi res FAIL

Hey, so Deploy can make me a map if i do turbo upload… but if i do regular upload it fails (of course after making me wait 8 hours!@$%^)
Any ideas?

Hi, few questions…how many photos and which browser are you using (Chrome and Firefox are preferred).

About 42 photos. Chrome on iMac.
Yuneec cgo3 camera.
I thought maybe my files or micro sd could have been “bad”. Or possibly my gps tags or photo orientation was “bad”. But since the turbo upload map worked ok, that seems to eleminate those options for failure.?
Do I need to use a “file uploader”. I tried just taking them off the computer and also tried straight from the microSD card.

Edit: I saw the question about 3rd party export software. I’m pretty computer illiterate, so I don’t know what I’m using, if anything at all other than just iMac. Could this be my issue?