Grouping / comparing maps of the same location

Hi all,

We’ve heard from many customers that they want to compare the same location / site / field over time. That’s to track crop health, analyse stockpiles, confirm progress on a construction site or mine, or simply to refly the exact same mission.

At present, we have a little dropdown under the map name which allows you to switch between local maps (in chronological order), but don’t give you any control of which appear in that list, or the ability to share all the maps in a location. We also include maps that are adjacent, so fields in a particular area will all be grouped together:


We’d love to hear your feedback on this kind of problem. Do you think it’s important? How might you work differently with DroneDeploy if you could see (and perhaps share) all the maps in a particular area?

If you are also interested in giving feedback on a prototype please let me know and I’ll send you an email directly.


Bumping this one- we’d appreciate your input!


I would like if there was a way to compare models/missions that were of the same area. I would like for there to be a way to compare the volume lost/gained over an area.

This would be helpful for borrow pits, mines, landfills and general construction sites. Currently this is a cumbersome process of taking the drawings and manipulating them in Civil 3D…

Thanks, great to hear! Would you need to directly compare the image, or just apply the identical annotation between maps?

In a perfect world I would like all of this:

  1. Compare entire mission area volume of flight one versus subsequent flights. I would like flying the borrow pit Monday and again Friday and seeing the amount of material removed for the week.

  2. Be able to draw a shape within the flown area and find the area difference, in the area constrained by the custom shape. So in a borrow pit you fly the entire area, but may only want to know about the volume change in a small area/section.

  3. Be able to omitt certain features from the volume change, like taking out stockpiled materials.

My goal would be to remove the $6k for Civil 3D. The volumetric comparisons are my main service at the moment.


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When comparing maps of the same location, it would be beneficial to be able to align them (if GCP’s haven’t been used). Im seeing alignment issues when reviewing post hurricane damage on a coastal revetment project we are engaged in. So, whilst the comparison feature is great without the ability to align the images, its value is significantly diminished, then adding any features to show differences in volume/elevation whilst again very useful would be not useful without the ability to align the maps. These alignment adjustments should be retained for each map created.

Hi Simon, This is something we’re working on - we’ll start with a simple XY transformation next year (to go with the existing Z calibration).