Ground App - Annotations

Having the ability to make notes/annotations/observations within the DroneDeploy Ground app on the fly and for any type of capture in the online version would be great. Currently, once you have a walkthrough synced, you can add annotations to the different points in the walkthrough by dragging a box around the object needing the annotation, then typing the note. I think there are 2 other scenarios in which annotations are enabled, but this is quite limiting. While setting up the annotation, you can also link it to a ProCore project. Annotating isn’t currently available for panoramic shots or 2D camera images or at the floor plan/exterior overlay level. Also, being able to assign the annotation to someone that is in the linked ProCore project or who has been added to the DroneDeploy project would be great. If you’ve ever been in a Bluebeam (Revu) Studio QA/QC session, you’ll understand where I am coming from with this last feature.

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