Fly near an airport on a private facility

hello i want to know what’s probability is for recreational flyers to fly near a OWN private area near airport . im trying to use airmap addons on DroneDeploy web but is not working ,.

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Flying recreationally in a restricted airspace is highly unlikely. Even if the airspace has LAANC you have to provide a reason nice to why you need the restriction waived. It doesn’t matter if it’s your “ground” property or not.
What trouble exactly are you having with AirMap?

most often - no. usually, private properties cannot be bypassed both on air and earth. and talking about airports, i heard they can blur signals of drones in case this is being done. not an expert though, i’m only an appetizers guy lol. i’m just learning. but some of my friends were talking about it.

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I think I have experienced this myself and have not had much luck flying our P4P near a Class C even though I had LAANC approval and unlocked via the DJI site. I think I was still missing a step. I could fly in the 5-mile radius, but in the 4500ft to Surface (3.5 mile) zone the drone acted like it was bouncing off of a bubble. Unfortunately our project encroached about 500ft into that zone and I couldn’t use the P4P even though the grid showed a 200ft ceiling.