Any Experience Flying Near Prisons

So I guess if I need to fly near one I need a waiver. I would go through the FAA for this waiver? Would there be any communication with the prison?

Anyone have any experience doing this?

Hi @Dylan_Ayers,

I personally don’t have any experience flying nearby a prison but when it comes to areas that require waivers, I suggest checking with the FAA as well as local departments to see what other rules, regulations, and paperwork you may require.

Hope someone else with this experience can hop in and add specific details!


You can’t fly within 500’ of them and contact is always recommended near any federal/state/city facility. I’ve gone as far as to make a sticker label to put on the back of my business cards to inform homeowners when I will be flying a construction site adjacent to them and I have to fly over their property. Takes allot of guesswork out of the scenario and you’d be surprised how much people appreciate it and actually become interested.