Exporting as JPEG into ArcMap -> White Borders

Hello, hopefully one of the devs or some friendly user can assist me.

I have been exporting my flights as geotiffs, but recently wanted to try jpeg as the file size is considerably smaller.

When I bring the geotiffs into arcmap, i typically have to assign the ‘no data value’ for the raster to 0, 0 ,0 to get rid of the black border that it originally inherits.

However with the jpeg export there appears to be a white border which this solution doesn’t appear to work on, is there a straight forward way to get remove the white border? I’ve attached an image it better illustrate the issue, I have an existing aerial basemap with the drone imagery sat on top (note the white borders - this is what i want to get rid of)



erh, ignore this I have resolved the issue myself, rather than delete it I’ll leave the fix up incase anyone ever stumbles on my post with the same problem.

basically change the no data values to 255 255 255 to fix the white! (0’s for the black borders)


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