Embed 3D models on to own website

Are we still able to embed our 3D mapping on to our own websites? The maps i had previously completed and were on my website have now been removed.
I’ve tried to re-do them and can not seem to add it to Sketchfab. Is this still possible?

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So I’ve found several users asking for this and as far as I’m concerned, Dronedeploy doesn’t offer an embedded function that does only include a 3D model (without interface, map, etc…) and advocates on doing it ourselves. Has somebody figured out how to show off our huge models online in a way as efficient as Dronedeploy does it?

As far as I know the only way to embed a 3D model is through Sketchfab. @Anjanette_Hill @Andrew_Fraser ?

depending on the hosting of the site, i have had success imbedding using on open drone map you would have to run a node and open the port for it to work on your site

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