Map embeding


I am checking out the trial version before I purchase and I do not see the option to embed a map to my website. I have read the documentation and see where the option should be however it is not there for me. Is this because I am using the trial version?


Hi @Robby_Morton,

There currently is not a way for you to embed directly from the app or desktop to your website. You’ll need to do that manually. Most folks use the public sharing link to display their maps.



So the embed instructions on this page no longer work?



if not can you provide more details or point me in the right direction for your comment above? Would have been great if you had sent that the first time when you mentioned it. would save time.


Hi @Robby_Morton,

We recently switched our 3D viewer to Cesium and will no longer be using Sketchfab. The page you shared above show directions for Sketchfab, and our team is working on updating the docs so that they reflect the changes we’ve recently made.

You can see instructions on how to get the public share link on the same support page under the “Publicly sharing with non-DroneDeploy user” section.



thank you. Yes, that documentation needs changed. This product is too expensive to have false information.


So the only way to share these is by sending someone a link to your website?


Hi @Robby_Morton,

Currently yes, if you are trying to share directly from the DroneDeploy app or site. We may have a workaround to share if you prefer to use Sketchfab, but that has yet to be confirmed. It will be shared on our support doc if it’s an effective solution.



ok, well that’s unfortunate. I’m glad I started with the trial and did not buy.
thank you for your time. I think I am going to look into another product, thanks.