Elevation Color Map Appearance

Has anyone else noticed the drastic change to the scene when viewing the map with Elevations turned on. It looks like someone is tinkering with shading and luminosity… I’ll go ahead and say it looks terrible. Lost a lot of definition.

What it looked like. (Still looks like this with Terrain only toggled.)


I hate when things like this are just turned on without any notice. I am working on training a Golf Course Superintendent to use the map and this just blew one of the more important features I was going to show him. @Lindsey_Huffman

Hey @MichaelL ! You may have caught this already, but I believe the intensity settings were just cranked up on that map for the Elevation Layer.

We default to low (your first screenshot). It is odd that you saw this pop up on first open though - is this still happening across your maps?

Elevation settings:
Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 7.50.40 AM


Cranked up:

Let me know!

P.S. Long time no talk - hope you are doing great!

That was it. Must have been an inadvertent click(s). Just weird that it would happen to two other projects at the same time. Could our other Admin or Pilot change it to where it also changes my login?

Weird! And today, if a Project Team Member changes it and leaves it on that setting, it will remain until it’s changed back for other viewers.


That’s probably what happened. Happy 4-year bday! Can you believe it?