How to interpret ELEVATION data

Trial User trying to interpret the ELEVATION feature of the 2D map.

When I do the ELEVATION view, Color = Jet,
Intensity = None, it “appears” to show that the range of elevations in
my mapped area is between about -2.5’ and +73.08’. I surveyed this
particular piece of land specifically because it has some contour to it
and I wanted to see how your system would perform.

Looking at the color image it appears to show, just left of dead center in the
mapped area, a dark red section. I would guess this dark red corresponds
to the dark red on the scale indicating that the elevation is about
73’. Is that correct? That’s approximately a 7 story building and there
is no way that the hill on this property is 73’ high.

Am I reading this correctly? Is the data correct?

If I select Color = Gray then the low areas appear to have the highest elevation. This can’t be correct.

How do I use this data?

I have a client that does land development and is interested in getting
some quick land surveys to look for drainage and irrigation trends for
the property. I thought this product would be perfect for that, but I
don’t know if I can believe the data.

Any thoughts?

Also, what Mac programs do users typically use when working with this data?

I flew this with a Phantom 4.

Thanks for any help!


Please see here for more information on

The elevation toolbox