Desperate - Is planimetric possible

I have a project that requires survey to be taken overtaken over and around several reservoirs, after processing the aerial imagery in a 3d model Im looking to cut out the centre of the dam so this area is essentially blanked out. Then Id be looking to add external values that were taken from an trimble robotic totalstation and will be taken within water depth of upto -2m from surface level. I would also need to export in a planimetric map showing symbols and figures. The data set is also required to be matched up to Ordnance Data sets. Footage captured using M210 v2 DRTK2, no gcps. Is this even possible with Drone Deploy …

I think the thing that you will find lacking in DroneDeploy in this sort of an effort is the reporting. This is why we do the majority of a certain type of calculations in DroneDeploy and more detailed annotations and analysis in other software. QGIS would be a good place to start and I think would knockout the majority of what I am hearing you are looking for.

We compliment that with Bluebeam to create polished reports where many different types of drone and design data can be overlayed on each other. Overlays can be done in DroneDeploy, but are not very dimensionally accurate. In Bluebeam all of these objects can be scaled and aligned for accurate geometries and horizontal quantities. How are 3D quantities are done either in drone deploy or CAD.

Feel free to PM me if you want to chat through this on the phone.