Elevation & Some Other Question

Hi , i’m new to Drone Mapping . I’m very interested to learn more about mapping and still considering DroneDeploy to benefit my needs . I have bunch of question to ask .

  1. In the Evelation it told about Fills and Cut . However can we know or DroneDeploy calculate if we want to fill or certain level ? . Such as if the deep slope are 100m but i would like to fill around 50m . Can it calculate how much to be filled?

  2. I’m into Agriculutre and Construction . Can it count ground leveling ? . As for farms sometimes we need to add on soils to stablize or flatten an area . So, can we use dronedeploy for this ?

  3. in 3D Processing . I’m doing big maps like 20acres with a buildings far from each other . Can i process a map first and then take an orbit image of the buildings to make it more sharper in 3D and then combine with the recent map?

  4. In My Job Area . There are 2 pool which we dont know the measurement . Can we use DroneDeploy to count the deep of the pool ?

That is all for now currently . Might have more but will ask in time .
Hopefully to get good response . Might purchasing DroneDeploy instead of other softwares

Hi @alcamurez, welcome! Let me see if we can clarify the questions a little bit.

  1. The Volumetrics tool can do a variety of measurements whether you are taking down a stockpile or filling a hole. When it comes to slopes it all depends on where you put your perimeter and what base plane mode you use. I would have to see the condition to go any further.

  2. Here again once you understand how the Volumetrics annotation works. You can set a perimeter base plane around the edges of the field and use the triangulation base plane. This will tell you how much cut/fill to level it across. You can use this method for sections as well.

  3. It is best if all the images were taken at or very close to the same time, but yes you can re-upload a map with additional images. You can also do the same thing if you use GCPs and ran the map without them. You can run it again with GCPs if you wanted.

  4. Unfortunately the photogrammetry is not going to work through water unless it is very clear and there are objects that the processing can see to create points.

I hope this helps get you going. Bring the questions on!

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Hi , sorry for the late replies

  1. For example a stockpile deep is around 50m and the radius are 20m . however i would like to fill to 30m only . How can i use the volumetrics tool for measurement ? Basically , Can i count how much ‘fill’ measurement will i get to fill a certain amount of level?

2.Will try out to understand the volumetrics tools . Do Dronedeploy provide in advance video for volumetrics explaination ?

3.Oh i see , My farm area have 2 buildings apart far from each other . I am planning to do a 3D of that area . However i was thinking if i am able to take several images of the area (using the planned flight) and then manual capture using the orbit and combine it in one map so it will give more details on the building (better image quality)

4.Oh thanks for confirmation .

Yes, the volume annotation will tell you the total for the entire hole, but you can use either the distance annotation or location pin to determine the bottom elevation of the hole and use the area tool to do the math for how much fill is needed. Here’s some support info.

For your building models just run the normal mapping flight for the property and then make a separate structure mode flight plan for each building. if you have enough battery you can just let the drone hover, get out of DroneDeploy and then go back in and switch to the next flight plan.