Crop Health Percentages

Any suggestions for finding the quantity of area in a plant health map as percentage? I have a winter fodder crop map and i am wanting to define an area on the map and then have the percentages of good crop and bare or bad crop. Then this can be calculated toward the final DM avalible for grazing. Any ideas?

As the fields aren’t exactly the form of the surveyed area, ideally i would like to mark an area and then using plant health feature, grade it into high yield (Dark Green) moderate (Yellow) and Low or none (Red), of just the marked area. Seeing the percentage of each then allows us to calculate the DM likely present. The percentage can be seen when you adjust the sliders to give you the boundary of colors represented in DD but its the entire mapped area which might include areas not cropped, tree lanes, ponds etc… so this distorts the total area percentage. I was wondering if the golf course app might work as it marks fareways, greens etc… and then gives a percentage?

Hi @Grizz,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. We don’t have any features or apps that would allow you to do this at the moment but I’ve noted the request and can forward it over to our team so it’s on their radar.


Only thing I have been able to do on a similar task (not in Ag) is to us the Area annotation to catch the smaller portions and with the PDF reporting app create a spreadsheet to manually do it. My one automation that you may not have is the ability to turn the simple HTML table into an Excel file, but maybe someone at DroneDeploy knows of an app or alternative to do something similar? Not necessarily an auto-takeoff, but a way to get the takeoff numbers into a CSV…