Specify Plant Health Area

I think a very useful feature would be the ability to mark the area in plant health and then have the app tell you the amount of plant in say 3 or more categories based on the colour present. Green, Yellow, Red etc…
Great Benefit as often crop fields here in NZ aren’t square and have features like swamp or creeks within the mapped area.
A way to exclude them in overall percentage is important.
Also variability from an area being break feed at one end of the field compared to the other can guide the farmer as to how much distance to give the animals to make up for the lower yield.

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Hi @Grizz,

Thank you for sharing your feature request. I checked our App Market to see if we have any alternatives to provide in the meantime but we currently don’t. Your request has been noted though! :slight_smile:


@Grizz, So to clarify - You would like an app that automatically summarizes sqft of the colors? Maybe 5 levels? Green, Yellow/Green, Yellow, Orange, Red… Including the ability to have exclusion areas.

I like!

Yes exactly. The ability to select any area within a mapped area and it displays the area and or percentage that each colour is represented in that area. Extremely useful for crop and agricultural purposes. Having it in a metric option would be handy for us New Zealanders! The 5 levels you suggested would be perfect.

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