Producing a report for clients

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone got any great options for producing reports from your data/mapping.

I map plant health on vineyards and some of my clients are asking for a report rather than an email overview of findings.
I have tended to to do email summaries for one off flights but I have a couple of clients who want 5-6 flights done through the growing season and now a report option might be better to show/highlight changes etc from flight to flight, this would also help sell why repeat flights are an important factor with helping maximise crop growth and pickup any disease or changes in crop growth during the season.

Any ideas would be appreciated


Hello @hydrochris,

We have an app plug-in for that in our DroneDeploy application. Its the PDF Annotation Report app. This can be found in our App Market. I would recommend exploring the app market- we have lots of tools that may be able to help.