Can we please delete the example maps?

I have no problem with the account being pre-loaded with the 2 examples, but you’ve provided no way for me to delete them from my map list.

So what you ask?

Well with those two examples included in the map list, my dashboard map defaults to display all my maps…from the Canadian border to Oklahoma City! Of course that means every map I care about is a single blob around my farm and those 2 example maps.

Come on guys. Give us a delete for those examples.


+1 - used to be able to delete them but now they are fixed in place.

Yes…I managed to delete them a while back, but they’ve reappeared and there’s no longer an active Delete button associated with them.

Ok, so it’s annoying that they are in your list of maps but THE most annoying aspect is the fact the map is automatically zoomed out to show their location along with my maps, which are all in the UK so I get a global view.

Sort it please!