Delete Existing Exports

It would be nice to be able to delete exports that have been completed. Sometimes you need to try an export before you see what you are actually going to get (PDF in particular) and you end up with unusable files that become very confusing to the downstream users.

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Hi Michael! @MichaelL

Can you clarify this a little bit for me? From where do you need to delete the exports? Here’s a document from our support about organizing your data with folders, talk about deleting maps, flight plans, and folders.

Have you checked out our how-to on exporting your data? Going with your PDF example, if you followed the steps in to export your map as a PDF, you should then receive an email with a link to download the PDF. From there you can delete the exports you no longer need from your computer.

Let me know if I misunderstood! I want to be able to pass along your feature request to our team as thoroughly as possible.


I just sent you a message.

Hi @MichaelL
Did anything come from this? I have the same query as you.

No official timeline, but it is in the works. I usually get support/engineering to delete them for me. It would definitely be beneficial to our users so they know what the right files are. My department sometimes download things they don’t need to see.

Bumping this to see if there is now any interest…

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@Kaitlin, has there been any thought of this? I consistently have issues with users downloading the wrong export because we have others that were generated by my team that they don’t need.

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Seconded. I actually had this issue for the first time earlier this week.

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Bumping. This is getting very annoying when I have to download several different types of files the my users don’t need and the confusion rises when they try to do something themselves. Then they stop doing it and it is back on me.

Looking to initiate this again. As you can see it is over 3 years old now. @Andrew_Fraser

In a nutshell we want to be able to remove exports that are either no longer relevant, should not be accessible any longer by the public or the export wasn’t configured properly but the map needs to stay viewable.

I initiated a support ticket but it’s obviously not as cut-and-dry as we would think. Personally the bigger we grow the program the more people will be requesting exports and the messier is is going to get.

Would this help any of you?

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@MichaelL Will pass this on to our Product team who manages Enterprise capabilities for the platform. Thanks for raising visibility on it.

If implementable, it would also be nice if such a simple feature could be extended to the lesser accounts. :+1: