Can I use multiple drones during the same flight?

Can I use a mavic and phantom 4 during the same flight? For example: I’m mapping 600 acres and using a mavic. Once all of my batteries are drained can I continue the project with a phantom 4?

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Yes, but you will want to look at slightly different settings between them because the program is optimized for the P4P and the Mavic doesn’t have as wide of a field of view. This means that it will need to fly slightly higher or with more overlap to keep the same overlap as the P4P.

The desktop defaults to using P4P camera and flight specs for planning. It will then adjust those in the app to the specific drone it is connected to.
On this, you should be able to just plug and play unless you’re operating at some extreme limits that need taking into account.

One of the engineers may need to sort this one because from my testing I do not get the entered values when I run the same mission with a Mavic Pro and a P4 Pro. The Mavic always has slightly less overlap. As I said above, the software assumes P4 Pro, but I don’t believe it reconfigures to the device attached.

I think it does Michael. In my experience when I’ve connected to my Mavic, the number of waypoints increases as does the duration of the mission. Usually by about 25-30%.

Thanks for the verification @JamesC. So you actually see you flight plan change? I have never seen that, but rarely do I ever map with the Mavic Pro. I need to give it some attention this week.

Yes certainly. :). What is planned on the desktop under the guise of a P4 is not what I’m faced with after connecting the Mavic. The surveyed area is the same but the number of passes definitely increases, effectively confirming to me it recognises the narrower field of view.

I’m convinced I experimented earlier in the year when I was dubious about it so planned it on the Pad before connecting, memorised the planned mission and then connected the Mavic to compare. I don’t think I’m dreaming that. I might have even screenshot it. I’ll do it again on my next one for you. :slight_smile:

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I just tested it and it totally did it! Never noticed that before so thanks again for pointing it out @JamesC and @Gary. that actually makes me feel really good because on the fume apps that I haveuse the mavic I thought we’re kind of questionable because I didn’t know what configuration that used. As long as it did a smart adjustment according to my normal flight plan I am good with it.

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