Field of View for different drone types

Does the Drone deploy app know what the FOV (field of view) for each drone model is? I was using a Phantom3 and now will be using a Mavic (both made by DJI).

This would be in reference to setting up the overlaps and the app calculating the path to fly. I think there is a differnce in the FOV for these two models. So I would expect a different number of swaths to cover the same area from the same altitude.

Please ask if you need more info/explaination for my question.


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Hi @Splasher7,

Our software automatically assumes you are using a Phantom 4 Pro while you’re flight planning, but once you’re out in the field and execute your mission, DroneDeploy will detect the drone model and camera you are using.


So does the app take care of the potential difference in the Field of View between difference camreas?

What I really want to know is if I put in X% overlap, will the app. make the adjustments or do I have to do it manually by compensating.


@Splasher7 Hello, our app does take into consideration the type of camera you are using and adjusts the overlap.

These are the cameras we support and recognize: Supported Cameras