Phantom 4 Pro verses Phantom 3 Pro

I am thinking of upgrading my P3P to the P4P. Should I expect better map data (volume and measurements)? I am doing mainly orthomosaic projects. Are there any down sides?

I fly both for multiple purposes.
Due to the narrower field of view (84 degrees) on the P4P vs 94 on the P3P I have learned it is best to fly about 20% higher on the previous P3P flight plan to get more in the field of view to stitch better.

They’re both good. You can get a little higher resolution maps with the P4P even when flying higher.

I went from P3P to P4P at start of this year. Yes, images are a bit better so can get slightly higher res orthophotos if flying at same altitude. A big plus is the longer range batteries on the P4P- I generally aim for about 18-20 minute flights (gets me to 30% battery when alarm kicks in. With P3P I was usually only getting 13-15mins.

Only downside I can think of is the cost to upgrade.

We have a few extra controls that help with reliability and photo consistently with the P4 and higher. It’s obvious that DJI is supporting those newer drones much more than the p3 and inspire 1. I’d recommend a P4 or better to everyone.

I’m also thinking of upgrading from P4 to P4Advance. I normally fly up and manually set exposure in the Go4 app then land, close GO4 then open D.D. with my current P4. I’m concerned about focus with the P4A though, would I need to do the same procedure but just do a quick focus too? Will it hold the focus length at whatever elevation I do it at after I land and switch to D.D.? Thanks in advance, Mike