Can I generate KML files from DD?

Hi all - I have some KML files for DroneDeploy flights which I’ve imported into Google Earth. The ones I have seem to have been done automatically - ie. they have just synced with DJI Go and I don’t remember doing anything.

However for most of the flights I don’t have a KML, but I’d like one. I have tried to download the flight log which appears to be a text file, can this be turned into a KML?

I was hoping to get KML’s for ALL of my completed DroneDeploy flights although most of my flights say “no flight logs available”., is this possible?

Sorry, I had a hard time following the import/export/ just showed up… I’m not sure there’s any sync’ing with DJI Go?
Where did the original KML files come from that you brought into DroneDeploy? An easy way to create the KML files is to download the orthomosaic in WGS84 and open it in Google Earth. You can then create a polygon that matches perfectly with little effort.

Hi @Horrgakx,

I suggest taking a look at Shapefile or Google Earth KML Flight Planning to see how you can create one on Google Earth.


Well it used to work, I didn’t need to do any exporting in a special file format and install special software converting software. Here’s proof.

Hi @Horrgakx,

You can use software like Airdata to download a KML of the flight lines during the mission. That being said if there aren’t any flight logs for the mission you will not be able to use this tool.

If you have a text file of the latitude and longitude you can use this online tool to convert that text file into a KML which you could them import into GE.

I would recommend using Airdata which you can find in our app market here.

Could you please explain what the process was that allowed you to see the DroneDeploy flight plan as you have shown in the graphic?

To be perfectly honest I don’t remember, it’s over a year ago since the last one that worked.
My method of doing flights won’t have changed - I’ll have flown it using the DD app and then probably synced my DJI Go and also HD Sync. But whatever I did there are some which have shown up in Airdata UAV and I’ve been able to download the Google Earth file straight from there.
With later flights I’ve not had this capability.

Gotcha. It may have been a “beta” function that went away on either the DroneDeploy or 3rd party app side. Great idea either way! I prefer to load the orthomosaic into Google Earth and create an updated path from there.

What’s the ‘orthomosaic’ and can I get this from DroneDeploy?

Orthomosaic is the stitched overall map made from the individual images you upload. You can download it and make a high resolution super-overlay in Google Earth as a KML.

Thanks for that. It still doesn’t help with getting it out of DroneDeploy though, perhaps that’s a paid feature?

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Hi @Horrgakx,

We do not have a built-in feature that does this at the moment. Like @MichaelL mentioned, it may have been a beta feature or something that was removed but I do not recall this feature being available since my time on the team. @zach1 has shared some great options though.