New Releases: Shapefile and KML Import App

New app to import Shapefiles and Google Earth KML files.

We released a brand new free app in our App Market that will help users to easily plan flights using existing Shapefiles or Google earth KML files. This is particularly useful for areas where the the satellite base layer map is poor.

Click here to install the app or find it in our App Market.


Dear Dronedeploy team,

I have been use dronedeploy for a month, this great app very help me. But from 2 days ago, i cannot find shape button on my app (web). I always use shape planning for my flight plan. Can you tell me why that button missing?

This is a brilliant addition to an already great app! KML import is a lot more robust than using clunky shapefiles- have found these to be pretty hard to get working - may or not work depending on what software you use to write them with, what phase the moon is in and other such variables!
Can now just plot an area in google earth (with previous aerial imagery/ design data loaded also to aid) then save as kml and import to dronedeploy. Easy!

Many thanks for this.

Hi @rullymarinto the shapefile import has now moved to an app. If you like to install it, please click here: