Can I export a mission to KML for offline Terrain following flight?

Hi everyone.

I’ve used Terrain following successfully within City limits where access to cellular data is available. But I need to fly 3 distinct missions over areas with no cell service, the altitude difference between where I have signal and the areas I intend to photograph is close to 600m. I have seen many people discussing offline terrain following missions with Litchi. But everything would have to be entered manually.

What I would like is to fly my missions offline following terrain regardless of my takeoff point.

I have created the project in my dashboard with the main extended area covering 715Has, and the 3 intended missions covering 5, 2.5 and 2.5 Has.

Any help to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

Not at this time, but it is a feature request. I am going to move it to that category so we can try to build a case.

Thank you Michael. I’d love for the Terrain Following function to be available offline, but I think mission export could be an acceptable lesser option.