Camera view in DroneDeploy REQUEST!


Please add Camera view in DroneDeploy. It helps me to plan the flight very well. I mean when you fly drone outside the mission to see what drone sees. The same feature is with Pix4Dcapture app. Please implement the same in DroneDeploy and it will be THE BEST for me and I am sure for MOST of the users!

I am mapping corridors now and forest heavy areas and I really need this feature to be in DroneDeploy. You can see camera view ONLY WHILE IN THE MISSION but u can not see it outside the mission. So you fly drone in BLIND mode…


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The new version of the app allows you to expand the video insert window to see FPV what the drone sees if that is what you are referring to.

Could you please explain in more details? I couldnt find this option :frowning:

It’s on the iOS version 2.61.0 (under Settings) app. You just click on this in the upper right corner to expand the insert window.

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Thanks for reply, but my version in android and second, it works only WHILE DRONE IS IN MISSION FLIGHING MODE i mean after planning. Any solutions?