Stop-Start Feature

DroneDeploy is one of the more optimised drone flight planning software I have used to date. Unfortunately, for recent jobs, I have needed to utilise the stop-start flight path feature for clearer and more accurate pin-point imagery for 2D and 3D maps. I have had to use Pix4Dcapture, but their software is frustrating to use for many reasons, as many may relate… and its really getting to me.

Will DroneDeploy add this feature asap? I miss being able to plan on a clear detailed satellite map - especially on my desktop/laptop.


Good morning from Texas and welcome to the forum. I totally agree. I am hearing this flight option come up more and more particularly as more people get into mapping and choose drones with an electronic shutter. The best thing you can do is slow the drone down at this point. From my experience stop imagery is only slightly better than an image that is shot with the correct settings and speed. You can manually set the speed in DroneDeploy and the camera settings in DJI but I usually just use the Low Light toggle in Advanced Settings. I have been forced to fly a few times that I normally wouldn’t and by turning on low light and slowing the drone 10% it was a noticeable difference than the default settings. It was definitely a scenario where you wanted to check the images before you leave.