Architect's response

I advertise myself on a social site targeting architects. I got that answer!
What answer would you write back?

„The drone 3d model is not a 3d model, just a skin … So there is no structure behind it … inside is empty … or it is not accurate in size because it was not measured from a stable point … spectacular but not a model … only picture … max good that the self-designed house can be drawn on it as a texture … if you measure geo data with a laser … then maybe … but so the lens is distorted … etc just picture …”

How is your advertisement worded? A model is just a representation of a structure. That’s about as vanilla of definition as there is to describe something. Photogrammetric reconstructions are no different than an architectural façade or roof model. They are dimensionally correct within a tolerance and digitally they have properties which can be leveraged for analysis. If the skin isn’t part of the model then 75% of what an architect presents isn’t a model. Ask if they know what a point cloud is and at least they will go Google it. Otherwise just let them sit in their self-appointed high place and feel important.


Don’t worry: they will find it great if they do it themselves with a Mavic Mini and a trial account anywhere …
They later might even publish it like being innovative, almost like being the inventors (of everything).
I know these folks meanwhile too good. You find them everywhere, unfortunately.
In a year or two they might even try to make you stop your business as they blame you to copy their workflow while not being a certified expert etc.