Announcement: End of Free Processing

This was recently announced via email. If you have any questions please email

" As the community has grown, processing and hosting maps & models has become more expensive. We’ve decided to take the difficult step to retire our free “Explorer” plan (which provides free data processing, storage and analysis), effective March 12, 2019 - our Flight app on iOS and Android will remain Free.

While you won’t be able to process additional maps with your existing account permissions, we have upgraded your account as a courtesy to give you until May 12, 2019 to export your 2D maps (orthomosaics) as JPG or GeoTIFF, and 3D models as OBJ files. This will allow you to keep a permanent local copy of your DroneDeploy data. After May 12, 2019, we will begin to delete map data outside of paid subscriptions. Subscribing to any of our paid plans before the May 12, 2019 deadline will retain your data for the life of that DroneDeploy subscription.

We hope that you keep flying with us with our free flight app, and consider subscribing to our paid plans this year. We’re reinvesting the savings from retiring the “Explorer” plan to offer better, faster processing, new flight modes, better reporting, and tons more features for all of our subscribers, so expect great things!"

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