DroneDeploy General questions

Hi guys
how are you

  • 1 How can I export and save my Maps and I can use it then any software ?

  • 2 If my membership finished does my maps will delete it and I can’t see them anymore ? If it yes in this situation what should I do ?

  • 3 I will take Business membership is that true I have three multiple free accounts I can add them as a team ?

Thank you .

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Anyone here ? To answer my questions

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I would suggest that you go to support.dronedeploy.com and search through the already prepared guides. Email support@dronedeploy.com regarding account questions.

Hi Mohamed! I recommend taking a look at a few of our Support Site articles to answer some of your questions here. I will link you to a few helpful ones below that will address your first 2 questions. As for account or subscription questions, please email support@dronedeploy.com for enhanced support and a connection to someone on the sales team for a deeper conversation.

Our Terms of Service describe how we deal with data expiry of maps if you choose to cancel your subscription with us. After a free trial or a paid license expires, all processed maps that were created on the DroneDeploy platform with the associated DroneDeploy account are deleted based on our retention policy. This means that processed maps are not accessible after 90 days.

I hope this information helps!

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