Alternative to Agremo


Hi I’m new to this so forgive me if I am doing this incorrectly. I feel as though I have looked everywhere for an alternative to Agremo. I’ve talked to the sales person or representative through email extensively, I find the plans kind of limiting but I was wondering how many people out there use it or use something else? Thanks in advance


Hi @Ian_Jarboe,

What exactly are you looking for? Have you browsed other applications in our App Market?

Keep me posted,


Hi Christina I was looking for the plant analysis type of things. Mostly plant population and weed analysis.


Hi @Ian_Jarboe,

At the moment, Agremo is probably your best bet for this type of data, but feel free to check out the Agriculture section in our App Market. I hope another user who has experience with a different app or service can chime in and help you out.



Thanks Christina I didn’t know they were divided up into sections but I will check that out