Precision Ag Package Agremo App


We have the Precision Ag Package from DroneDeploy and I was wondering how we get set up to use Agremo’s included features. We should get 1,000 free acres of stand counts or plant population with our package through DD. Do we have to register for an Agremo account and if so how do we get the 1,000 free acres of Agremo after getting registered for the account? I tried to create an account numerous times last week and it said an email was sent to my email address to finish creating my account and I never got the email. I have tried to find out more information about this process but I have been unsuccessful. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Hi @jordanlanoue! Hope you are doing well! Correct, you will need to create an Agremo account to have access to you 1,000 free acres. The key is to make sure you create an Agremo account with the same email that you created your Dronedeploy account with so that it is able to link to the 1,000 free acres provided in the Precision Ag Package. I hope this helps! Have a wonderful day!