Farm Solutions app DD

Hey, I’m looking for app or service to use in agriculture, like NDVI, crop counts and etc.

Someone has tried Farm Solutions ? How it works? I saw that is free.

Hi @allygemelli,

I also suggest taking a look in the Agriculture section of our App Market to see what else we have available too. :slight_smile:


I hope you have better luck than I did. I tried to register with them but they would not accept my telephone number, I emailed them but they never got back to me, very poor service.

Hi, @allygemelli

You can try Agremo app, it has one free report and they do a good job.


Agremo is working well for me.

Agremo provides a variety of features such as plant count, flowering stage, water stress, and disease analysis. If you grow a unique crop like I do, they will work with you to up date their algorithm to get the analysis on point. However, it can take them a few business days to finish up the analysis so if you have a time sensitive project it might no be for you.

good luck!!