Adding GCPs in the App Feature

I would like to see a feature on the app for adding GCPs prior to the flight. Would having these points imbedded in the image be beneficial to faster map processing? So far, I understand for a more accurate map, I will need to email these.


We used to have an upload button on the desktop page where you view your map that allowed you to upload the lat lngs in a .CSV file. As more people need this we will build it out with better support for selecting them.

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I would like this feature as well. It would be nice to be able to see my GCPs on the map that I set on the outside of the project and know that I capture them. It’s hard to tell where I need to do my flight in maps because some of the areas have changed since Google maps has updated. Or possibly upload a KML into maps? I can export KMLs out of Trimble bussines center.


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