Accessing dji pilot app after drone deploy

I cant acces dji pilot after trying out dronedeploy app, camera just point straightdown and the app wont start…

I left the inspire off for a whilen and then after reboot it was back to normal

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If the DroneDeploy app is open in the background the DJI Pilot app can have trouble opening. The reverse is also true. If the Pilot app is open the DroneDeploy app can have trouble.

Exactly as Chase suggested. Unfortunately the DJI SDK only allows one application on a single device to have access/control of the drone at any given time (sensible), but the second app to open crashes immediately, and sadly there’s nothing we can do about it.

I did manage to close the DD app and then run Pilot while a P3 was still in the air… and have FPV with DD-initiated intervalometer still running, but only once. Most of the time, I lose the FPV feed and have to do a second flight if I want to capture additional images for the map (using FPV for composition).

Thanks Eric - great idea! We’ll look into adding some FPV image triggering capabilities, as well as some automated flight patterns which will capture oblique images for the sides of buildings.