DD app crashes upon opening every time with Phantom 3 Pro, Android Tablet

Hi all,

I am testing out the drone deploy app for the first time with my Phantom 3 Pro. I created a mission successfully on my desktop and then sync it with my tablet app. Without fail, the app will crash in approx 10 second after opening. It does the syncing, waits for the drone, connects to P3…then crashes and exits the app. I have the latest P3 firmware ( v1.7.0060). I am using an Acer tablet that runs Android (v4.2.2). Coincidentally, I have tried two other 3rd party Apps (Altizure, Pix4D) and they both do the exact same thing. I basically can’t open and use any 3rd party apps for my P3. Yes, I know that the 3rd party apps conflict with the DJIGO app so I have to force shutdown DJIGO before I open and use DroneDeploy. That doesn’t seem to be my problem. Any advice/help would be very appreciated as I’m getting absolutely nowhere with P3 autonomous flying.

The SDK that DJI provides 3rd parties doesn’t currently support Intel based tablets. We hope that will change in the future. Sorry.

What !? That is a major information we had nowhere !
Do you confirm this Chasemgray ?
If yes, we must right now communicate on this on all forums !

You can see this easily at the moment by downloading the SDK. It only provides arm library files.

Wow, that is very useful information to have. Thanks for the swift reply.

Hi All,

Just purchased an Intel based tablet, the Dell Venue 8 7840. As jgillan stated, the DroneDeploy app crashes. I also use the Litchi App for autonomous flights. I’m curious why the Litchi app works flawlessly and the DroneDeploy app crashes.


The DJI SDK we have currently doesn’t support Intel tablets. I’ll send another email to ask them if there is an update to this since you said your Litchi app works fine.

This from an Android developer:

“Intel-based devices can run the full range of Android apps, even ones that were originally written for the ARM architecture. However, if an app contains ARM-specific code, then it must be translated before it can be executed.”

Also, DJI’s DJI Go app works fine on my Intel tablet. I’m going to try the Pix4D mapping app as a workaround until the DroneDeploy App can work with Intel.


Hello Alan,
My experience was that Pix4D did NOT work with my Intel-based Acer tablet. Just like every other 3rd party app that programs with DJI SDK, it crashed upon opening every time. I’m now using an Ipad mini with much more success. Good luck.