Welcome to the Map Engine Beta!

Thanks for signing up for the Map Engine beta!

This topic is to give you a brief introduction, remind you of format requirements, and provide links to support documentation.

The DroneDeploy Map Engine is a new feature which lets users to upload and process their imagery.

This gives anyone the ability to make use of the power, speed, and simplicity of DroneDeploy regardless of what type of drone or camera it was captured with.

Once the data has been processed, you will also get to make use of all the additional DroneDeploy functionality (sharing, annotations and analysis).

Format Requirements
In order to use Map Engine, your data should meet the following requirements:

  • All images should be in JPG format
  • All images must have latitude, longitude and altitude in the GPS EXIF data
  • All images should be facing the area of interest
  • All images should have significant overlap (more than 60% side and frontlap)
  • There must be at least 10 images and less than 1000 images

As with all maps, input images directly affect map quality. Please read our spotlight on improving map quality here.

Getting Started
In order to register for the beta, you must first have a DroneDeploy account. You can create an account here.

Once you have an account, please fill in our questionnaire so we can give you access to the beta. We will send you a welcome email with instructions, but please read our Map Engine tutorial to learn how to get started with Map Engine.

We’re excited to have you on board!

Happy Mapping!

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