Allow definition of a "Master" Map

Allow a “master” map to be defined but not flown. This master map would allow pics to be uploaded, even though it hasn’t been flown or even sync’d. You could then upload all the pics from your individual missions to get a master render. I have a use case if you are interested.

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Anyone wanting to combine multiple flights into one map can upload the imagery to Map Engine using the instructions provided here :slight_smile:

This feature is not working for me. I will post about it under the “Bugs” thread.

Is Map Engine still Beta? I was under the impression that it had rolled out. If it is not beta then this link needs updating. Thank you.

Hi @anthonyjdipasqua thanks for picking that up - this is the old documentation for the old UI and the beta. You can read the new documentation here:

I’ve updated the old docs with a link to the new ones.

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@jono Thanks Jono, thats great!

Bad link, 404 error. Can you repost and explain how to upload and merge larger datasets when they exceed your 3000picture limit. We have flown 1700acres and need to know how to process them into 3000 picture chunks and merge their post processed files into single map.

I get a 404 error, “Page not found”.
It’s a must have feature for me, to join small maps together into big ones.
Even created a request about it

Hi Jono. I’ve looked through the forum for an update to the link that might help me upload two maps that I need to join to create one map. Following the link only ends at Bad Link 404 Error.
How do I send already processed maps to DD to join them to create one map?



Thanks for flagging! Sorry we changed those links on you.

You can find the Map Engine docs here:

Getting started guide here:

If a link ever changes - the best place to start is