Use altitude over subject rather than over start point

It would be nice if there were some way to set the altitude of the mission above the subject rather than above the start point. In mountainous regions, the start point is often well above or below the subject property. This means that the mission is flown at an altitude above the subject that is inappropriate – overlaps are wrong, number of images is wrong, and battery use is excessive. Perhaps you could plan the mission, then enter an offset for the altitude that adjusts for this difference?

@Jamespipe, I don’t see terrain follow in the App Market an longer?

Hi Michael,

It’s not in the app market, but you can join the beta program here and we’ll send you a link to try it out:


Thanks @Jamespipe. I have tried it and it works fine down, but not as well up. @Doug_Von_Gausig, you might think about signing up and helping us make this official.

I does work “up”, but it’s worth noting that it always flies to the highest waypoint altitude before transiting to the mission start point and then reducing altitude again (to avoid crashing into something). This can be problematic if your ultimate highest altitude is above 400ft AGL in your takeoff location. Safest way to use therefore is to take off close to your highest altitude location.

The app also only supports normal lawnmower flight, not the “Structures” mode.

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