Stop / Start feature

Hi guys!

We’re looking in to different options for our small mapping company and i was wondering if Drone Deploy has a stop/start feature for when it takes its photos.

As we are currently using a rolling shutter camera we’d like for the drone to be stationary but i have been unable to see the feature while i’ve had my demo.

Is this a feature already and if not, is it planned to be implimented?


I have not seen this as an option when creating maps. I use a Mavic 2 Pro and I get very accurate maps from it using a rolling shutter.


Our maps have been reasonably accurate with our M2P but theres a definite blur that is fixed when we use Pix4d ‘stop/start’ mode.

It’d be a great addition to DP if we could get the feature so im not jumping between apps for different jobs.

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