[Solved] Features of simulator?

When making a new map flight plan on dronedeploy.com, there is an option to ‘test the simulator’ in the lower left of the screen. Using this feature allows me to make a little dot on the screen that follows my flight plan. I am wondering if there is more to the simulator functionality. Specifically, are there pictures, flight logs, or other data generated during simulation? If any of this is available for download and analysis, it would be great to know how this works.

I’ve searched the documentation page, and I can’t find any relevant entries. The search for ‘simulator’, ‘simulation’, etc. also comes up with nothing.

Hi @kevin.bradner,

Thank you for reaching out on the forums, and we always appreciate a thorough user that goes through the documentation!

The flight simulator is designed to give you a feel for initiating a flight, seeing the pre-flight checklist, and seeing how the flight parameters (altitude, speed, etc) change over time as the drone moves. There isn’t any processable data generated from the simulation, as it is largely a visual representation of what you would see on your screen.


Thank you Adam, I appreciate the confirmation.