Offline Checklist app?

I am looking for a digital app method to record pre-during-post-flight checklist while not having internet connection. It would include SOP’s for pilots to follow and things like mission name, time, weather, altitude, special notes section and several other details. Does anyone use an offline app like this? It would not be used for flying the drone, just as a records keeping method.

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We made a custom PDF form from a OneNote sheet. Just save it to your mobile and save as for the new flight so you maintain the template.

see the drone logbook app

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Do you know how much that costs? Is it per drone or maybe per pilot?

Thanks Michael. This would do but I am really looking for something more robust that’s saved to an account that I can manage. Something that automatically syncs so I am not waiting for other pilots to upload. Just trying to streamline digitization. I am trying to shift away from excel spreadsheets and google docs :slight_smile:

This interests me. Is it the one by DroneAnalytics that you recommend? I use Aloft for LAANC and weather. It looks similar but I don’t think you can manually add flight logs with Aloft. It’s more like your suppose to connect your phone to the drone and fly with it for it to log? Maybe I need to look into how to use the log feature more :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion!

In reality between your DroneDeploy logs and the DJI logs there’s no need to document anything further. They will suffice in the event of an FAA request. All the superficial information can be obtained through weather and such that is auto-populated on the form. These types of reports are just for clerical purposes in office. We did take it one step more that I didn’t bring up because it does require a software purchase but we put these reports on Plangrid so everyone can see them from any device. Permissions are typical group so you have different levels of users. There is also a plug-in with DroneDeploy for export sync.