Share Link Analytics

Feature Request: Analytics for Shared View-Only Links in DroneDeploy

Context: Our company currently manages approximately 40 active multi-family housing projects using an enterprise DroneDeploy account. To facilitate communication and proactive problem-solving with our subcontractors, we share view-only links of current site conditions for each project on a weekly basis. These links are accompanied by a three-week lookahead schedule, aiming to help subcontractors anticipate and inform us of any potential conflicts before they are on-site, thereby saving valuable time.

Problem: Despite providing clear instructions for accessing these project links, we have no visibility into whether or how these links are being used by our subcontractors. Without this insight, we cannot gauge the effectiveness of sharing these links or the actual value it brings to our projects and workflow.

Requested Solution: We are seeking the ability to track basic analytics for our shared view-only links. Specifically, we would like to have access to the following data points:

  • The total number of views per link
  • Average viewing time per session
  • The type of device used to access the link (e.g., computer vs. mobile)

This information would greatly assist us in understanding the engagement level with the shared content and help us to make informed decisions about how to improve the utility and usage of DroneDeploy in our projects.

Value Proposition: Implementing this feature would not only enhance our ability to manage projects more efficiently but also ensure that the investment in DroneDeploy is being fully leveraged for the benefit of our projects and stakeholders.