Problems with mapping over water

Performed a mapping flight today. The Beta has processed it perfectly apart from a section that was over water. There are random peaks and spikes on the 3D map of this area. Is there something I can do to prevent this?


Don’t fly over water :wink:
No, seriously, it’s a SFM / photogrammetry thing to do with highly reflective surfaces. It’s not DroneDeploy’s fault. It’s the math! Different platforms and products have different tricks for dealing with this and there are a couple of threads on here about it already. It is something they are working on improving as well. In the meantime…
(Depending on where it is you could possibly crop it out?)

Well, that would certainly be a solution! :slight_smile: I wasn’t actually mapping the water section, it was an area next to a reservoir, but it was making the model look very messy. I am unable to find a way to crop the 3d model, that would be perfect if you could. I can crop the ortho and dsm…

Sorry, that’s a good point! Sometimes I forget which platform I’m on! I have similar here and I know the DroneDeploy guys are working on some solutions to that.