NEED HELP, Working on reach view 3

I have searched for hours and flown for hours with wrong EPSG codes. can anyone tell me the correct or most common used code for Las Vegas, NV (clark county) DD does not recognize EPSG 8384 NAD 83

That should be a good code, and be aware that there is a split above and below about 2,900 ft. EPSG 8387 would be for higher altitudes.

What kind of trouble is it giving you? Just not showing up?

DD does not recognize 8384 and says is off my map. DD says 8384 is not a recognized code. Yes not showing up

they told me to use NAD 83 6521, witch I have and it works but my GCPs are off with auto correct and appear orange color on map report

DD told you? …and you used 8384 in Reachview right? EPSG 6521 is not for Las Vegas. It’s for Eastern Nevada.

YES, I used 8384, but DD did not recognize it, DD said use 6521… Im confused

If you go to export, and select EPSG code, 8384 does not appear , its not in the software

When using 6521, my points seemed off, and I had a orange mark next to my GCPs not a green on as in good to go

weird thing is my buddy I fly with and compare our stuff with uses pix4D, and said the points were off on his software also

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So after a little more digging it looks like 8384 and 8387 are a localized offshoot of the Nevada CRS and 6519, 6521 and 6523 are the more common NAD83 (2011) systems. You would have to do you survey in 6521 or you can probably transform what you have from 8384 to 6521 in QGIS.

Thank you very much, this gives me a base to start from , from a experienced Vet in the field, Your info is very valuable and very much helpful!


Michael is right, the best way to transform a CRS is through QGIS in my opinion. Out of curiosity jmason702 what are you mapping?

Im mapping a new school being built in Las Vegas, and the new reach view 3 is GREAT. so I can get on same page as the surveyors and engineers are. Just a learning curve… so many different NAD83

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