Colorado Horse Park - Mavic Air 2

Been getting ready to do this flight and checking the boxes as I go. I just want to make sure everyones input of my settings Overlaps. Pretty big job to have to do it twice. The way the weather happens in Colorado could delay weeks. Flight Altitude @ 250Ft

Looks like almost all parking lot? If so I would run a standard nadir flight for the overall and smaller Enhanced 3D flights for the few structures. This should allow you to fly a little lower too. What drone? GCP’s?

This one will be the Mavic air 2 - Not ready to jump up to the big boys yet.
So you are saying to do the parking lots just standard (that will bring down flight time)
and then the structures Enhanced 3D. By doing that will make two different links for each
or is there a way I combine the two that way it is all in one?


You can upload all of the photos at the same time in the mass nadir flight. Just delete the rest of the flights.

What do you think of our Front And Side over laps?

I will upload all the flights at the same time. That make since, I never new that was possible. I don’t see why not as well.


Looks good to me. Can’t wait to see it.

Hey Michael, am I able to add this New flight that was today to a current Map Plan that has already been completed and sent back to me from DroneBase to make one?
Just select “Create New Flight Templates Here” and upload it there?

Or do I need to upload the images of both the flights all at ones?

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Do you want the new map to be combined with a previous map on the same screen? or just to be another map in the series?

If you want them on the same map view then I suppose you could change the date taken in the exif data and then upload them all at once. Or at least in theory. I’ve never tried that myself. The main problem you would probably run into is the span of time and GPS shift, so if they are two maps that are right next to each other they may not line up perfectly very well. You can’t add images to an existing map that are outside of the perimeter.