Multiple Lowest points?

We are messuring ramparts and or soil heaps / stockpile (sometimes 100x in one area)

for the most this works really well and we switch between linear fit and lowest point as wee need it.

but one of the places where we messure the place is on a slope, so if we use lowest point, it wont fit at all.

is there any way to set a local lowest point for each stockpile / soil heap

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I used triangulated pretty much all the time unless I am up against something and need lowest point. Triangulated will always be more accurate than linear unless you are on a perfectly flat and/or sloped pad. when did the area is pretty flat there will not be much difference between the two.

Many of our stockpiles are against either another pile, or against a wall.
So we use lowest point a lot - but one particular site is sloping perhaps 4 meter over the course of a stockpile and at the same time stockpiles are up against walls or other piles, so neither lowest point, triangulated or liner fit will work.

so atm only option is to make lowest point roughly in the middel, depending of the nature of the stockpile and the sloping - or divide the same stock pile into 4 bits.

the perfect solution was a running lowest point, along site the stockpile

perhaps only drawn from start and end point so that the lowest point will be a profile sloping from start to end point…

I would split the stockpile up then. Seems like a really odd placement of a stockpile unless it is really just staged for embankment…