Mercator jpeg kml files not working with Google Earth - any fix?


I can see from previous posts that this was a known issue back in November last year, but is a fix coming up for this ? I still get a red X on Google Earth after double clicking a kml file to view it on there. This happens whether it is a tiff mercator or a jpeg. Occasionally you can get a tiff mercator to appear, but only after an initial crash of Google Earth and a reload. Google Earth generally seems to struggle with the tiffs, presumably because of the file size.

Quite a few people have said they would like to use the kml’s to view in Google Earth and it is frustrating not being able to reliably offer them this option.

Hi there anyluck on this?

Hi @collectiveuas - usually this is due to a higher resolution file than the computer can comfortably render. We recommend trying it at lower resolution first and working your way down to what you computer can display. I’m on a Macbook Air, for example, and usually cannot render past 10cm on a larger map.

Please see here for more info on troubleshooting exports.

I have exported at 5cm/px and cannot see the files. I have a new computer with an Nvidia 780 and 16GB of RAM. My computer can easily do VR which requires much more. Is there a setting I should use to get this resolution? I need this kind of resolution for presentations that I give…?!