Mapping Forest

I have been mapping forest to determine presence of disease. I am getting good enough results to be able to do it. I have found that where there is big variance in the canopy height there is increased stitching error. To reduce this I am flying between 200’ to 400’ feet above the canopy which is a balance between error and resolution.

I can understand this limitation but would like to be able to identify a tree in the orthomosaic view and then look at the original to see the specimen more clearly. So to do this more effectively I would like to propose some features if that were in order.

  1. The viewer has a camera roll that shows the original pictures. It would be nice to be able the application to go to the picture underneath the cursor in the orthomosaic view.
  2. It would also be extremely useful to have the cursor read out the lat/long of the position it is over. This would enable in my requirement for someone to identify the tree on the ground.
  3. The picture (jpg from my Phantom 3) has not been processed optimally during the stitching phase of your software and in particular it is heavily de-noised. This reduces information that can be useful identifying issues looking at the tree. Is it possible to set the camera to raw so that it can be processed in something like DXO before uploading? I am aware that has limitations such as ensuring there is no distortion correction made.
  4. I keep hitting the limitation of 3Gb when uploading. Will this change?
  5. Can I export the orthomosaic view as an image file such as tiff directly?

Thanks for the development ongoing in this beta. It is the best solution even in this state that I have come across for what I am doing including attempting to fly and then stitch things manually. The geo-correction is awesome.

Ian Macdonald


1 and 2 are already being worked on.

We don’t currently have plans in the near future to capture in RAW but this could change.

Which 3Gb limit are you seeing? There shouldn’t be a 3Gb limit to uploading.

You should be able to export to several different formats from the data page, including a tiff. Let me know if this isn’t working for you on the data page.

Thanks for the news about your viewer.

The 3 Gb limit I am talking about is expressed for example in the Map Engine dialog box as below:

All images must have latitude, longitude and altitude in the GPS EXIF data
All images should be facing the area of interest
All images should have significant overlap
There must be more than 5 valid images and less than 1,000 images
Warning: Maximum data size of 3GB is recommended for best results (3.23 selected)

This where I attempted to combine the data of two flights

I have seen where to export an image under Share/Image Publicly… but this is only exporting a low res thumbnail. I was wanting to export to file at the maximum possible resolution. I am doing it now by importing a data export into a GIS program such as QGIS and then exporting from there. Am i missing something?

Thanks again

The ability to look at the original imagery used to stitch the orthomosaic - by clicking on the ortho would also be incredibly useful for agricultural purposes.


There are two limitations that are keeping us away from doing large missions:

  1. Amount of images limit (1000)
  2. Data size limit (3GB)

I have a mission with 3 flights and I can not combine them. The area has 73 ha. I signed the pro service to see if that limit go off, but it was not. It has some way to take off this limit?


We’ve been keeping track of users who have run up against this limitation to help prioritizing increasing the limits. If you have any big jobs that are a bit bigger than the limits just message support and they should be able to help you.

Hi chasemgray,
first of all I want to thank you for the amazing product you provide us!
I have a DJI P3A and I use to perform photogrammetric surveys of small to medium areas, using CGP targets measured via RTK GPS positioning.

As the sensor camera of P3A is not comparable to better but heavy cameras, I realized that I can get significantly more accurate 3D models using RAW images converted into TIFF format.
Which is your opinion about that? Do you think that if I set the correct exposure and shutter I can get centimetric 3d models using JPG images?

As I understood from previous posts, DD App still not provides the possibility to acquire RAW images instead of JPG. Am I right or anything changed during the last month?

Ah!! Today I flight using the new Firmware v1.6.0040 and everything was OK!!

Thanks in advance!

In order to capture raw imagery we would have to fly 5 times slower and cover a much smaller area due to capture rate limitations.
Dronedeploy doesn’t currently support uploading raw images. But we do have users with ground control points currently obtaining 1-2cm accuracy.

I have an issue with the 3Gb limit too - I’m surveying a large quarry and have around 860 images totalling 4.4 Gb. So do I:

  1. Just upload and hope for the best?
  2. Delete some images till I get down to 3Gb (and if so which ones)?
  3. Somehow reduce the resolution of each image so that the total will be under 3Gb?

I would try deleting the images on the corners. They don’t provide too much value.