Tree Mapping Issue

I am trying to map a small area for a customer, they want to know how far the cities tree branches extend into their property for development. I figured since the leaves were off this would be perfect but that seems to be not so. The branches are fairly thin but show up perfectly in the raw photos. As you can see its all messed up. I tried PIX4D and it was even worse. Any advice? It was a little windy so i may try again tommorow. I flew in manual mode with automatic camera focus and settings so perhaps that is the issue. I flew this at 120ft.

Perhaps i should try higher and use the drone deploy recomended pattern? I only flew in manual because its a fairly tight area.

UAV may not be the proper tool for this but ill give it a try againtommorow. I guess my main question is would Higher or Lower be better for this?


Are you able to share your image set? I’m working on a toolset that preserves the original images in the final stitching (university project, invasive plant species, blah blah blah). It might not address your specific need exactly, but I could try running your images through my tool chain and share back what it spits out … that would be more interesting for me than refreshing the covid19 stats pages all day now that I’m stuck at home.


It depends on how tall the trees are, but I would recommend 50ft from the top and capture as many angles as possible. Enhanced 3D mode without çrosshatch. Just nadir and perimeter. 85/70 overlaps.

I believe you can do ortho corrections in Pix4D that will replace the orthographic with the native image. Or Metashape or Correlator 3D (the best).

Did you process in terrain or structure in DroneDeploy?

That said the proper tool is probably a plumb-bob and a tape measure.

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That would be great!!