Map not displaying correctly after adding photos

I added photos to a mission after the original set of photos had been processed. Changed the extent to include those photos and processed the map. Photos show up as part of the mission but the added area of the map is not displaying. I’m still seeing the original map, but not the new extended part. If I go into photos for the mission it shows the added photos.

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Did you reprocess through a GCP link or manually upload a new map? You don’t have an indicator at top-center of the map showing two versions?

I did an “add more images” to the map, in map details, that was already processed and expanded the boundaries to include the photos. Same flight date so there isn’t a second view. It did show up as a complete map once then the view was just lost. Happy to share if you want to take a look. I get some weird UI stuff in the map view at times. Not sure if this is a bug or something I’m not doing right.

I get what you are saying. The perimeters for cropping can be a little squirrley. I discovered a few months ago that there is a limits to the number of vertices of the shape and every time I went back in to tweak it a little more it deleted half of my vertices. I think it might be possible that the program is refusing to update your area of interest. Support probably needs to dive into this one.